Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bayou City Classic 10K aka The Race That Almost Wasn't

Temps: low 40's
Winds: 5mph (thank God they calmed down from yesterday!!)

Time: 1:02:35 (Garmin time)
Last 10K time was 1:08:52

PR difference: 6 minutes, 17 seconds
Average pace: 10:05

Mile 1: 10:15
Mile 2: 9:52
Mile 3: 9:34; at this point, there was a water station just past the 3 mile marker and I took Powerade and walked to drink it
Mile 4: 10:16
Mile 5: 10:01
Mile 6: 9:53
.2... whatever it is to make it to 1:02:35

The splits I had to lap on my watch as for the first mile there was no signal, and it never caught up either, as my distance on the watch only comes in at 5.84 miles. I am not completely sure the splits are right on, but they are within seconds I know that.

I was shooting for 10:30's and well as you can see I managed to blow that out of the water, with my average pace being 10:05 for the 6.2 miles. At the Park to Park which was a 5 mile race I averaged 10:01, so I am damn happy about this race.

And as scared as I was about the route, with the rolling 'hills' I have to say that once you are on it, running, its not that bad. The worst part really is that last hill as you approach the 6 mile marker.

It certainly helped that it was so, so cold out there. I just run so much better when its cold. I shed the gloves by the 2nd mile, handing them off to Sam's brother, Rob, who ran with me the first 2 miles, before I dropped him ;o) and went on my merry way.

Congrats to Coach (Sean Wade) again, for a 1st place overall, and to Sam on yet another age group win, plaque, 16th overall and a 10K PR!!! And congrats to Rob on his first 10K, but I still beat him ;o)

Like I said, I'm on a roll it would seem.

Next up: Law Week 8K, last weekend in March. We'll see if I can PR that, as I have run that race the past 2 years. I PR'd it last year, so I'm shooting for another one.


Lisa said...

That's Fantastic!!!

Pony and Petey said...


Girl, you make running look SOOOOOOOO good = )))

It was great to see you again!

Steve Bezner said...

Your in the sweet zone June! WTG! said...

Nice job, June.

I know you were excited about the PR: with your retort of what your chip time was vs. the gun time that I hollered out!


Sarah said...


Vic said...

I'm speechless!!! WTG!

Sam said...

You ran awesome. Thanks for the shout-out on the last two races. You're running awesome.

Remember... you're barely cresting that mountain. Your best racing of the Spring/Summer Season is yet to come.

leslie said...

That ROCKS! Go, June!

Hope to see you out there for hills tomorrow--

Keith said...

Glad you decided to race; the course gets a bad name from the 25k, and I'll amdit, three loops is a mean chore. One loop though, on a cold morning, definte PR territory. Congrats June!

L*I*S*A said...

Great job!! Your pace is smokin!!

TX Runner Mom said...

Wow, great job June!!!

Jess said...

Congrats on the PR!!

Priscilla said...

Glad you made it to the race! I love reading about all you have accomplished, it motivates me to keep plugging away even when non-running life gets me down...