Monday, June 6, 2016

Run Houston! Clear Lake 10K (Virtual)


Months ago I had signed up for the virtual race for the 3rd in a series of 5 races run by Run! Houston.  I have grown to love these races as I've reduced my running and mileage.  10K's are easy enough to do with my current workouts which include HIIT, lifting, but w minimal distances, and more concentration on speed.
I knew I wouldn't want to drive to Clear Lake and thankfully Run! Houston allows for virtual so you can continue the streak, and receive the extra swag at the end of the year for completing all 5 races.  By the way they have a 5K option as well, and any combination of distances still qualifies.
With the weather the way it has been all week, flooding...etc., I asked if treadmill distance would be allowed.  Little did I know that this is an option year round.  The distances don't have to be done outside if you are virtual, again that can be attractive to those that don't like to run outside EVER.  LOL.
For virtual runners, you must provide proof of the run.  Typically I would have posted a pic of my Garmin, however since I had to run the distance inside, I have the picture of the treadmill screen.  Additionally you cannot post to their FB page, or send via email, but must provide a link of either your app, or something to show the proof.  Now I can just link this blog post :O)
June Vidrine
Run! Houston 10K/Clear Lake

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