Thursday, March 24, 2016

Run Houston! Minute Maid 10K - 2016

Official Time: 59:48
3rd in Age Group
While I don't discount the effort, which after about a 5, maybe 6 year drought, I broke 1:00 at the 6.2 distance, I know that 'normally' this time would not be good enough for 3rd in my AG.  There are a LOT of much faster women but since the Bayou City Classic was the same day, they were all at that grabbing those HARRA points.
Also the usual suspects of choice runners don't really show up for the Run Houston! series which is fine by me.  Personally I love the series since I've reduced my running.  You get 5 races a year, really nice medals, free photo download and shirts, a virtual option, and if you do the 5, you get a holder for the medals at the end.
I did the Racepark one (but don't think I've blogged that yet..) on January 1st in the rain, wind and cold.  This one was post rain but the wind???!!! At least it wasn't freezing (until afterwards of course). Plus its 2 loops per usual for Run! Houston, but this one was 4 times over the Elysian.  I didn't realize this until the day before and thought "I thought they were gonna blow that bridge up due to wear and tear!"
It wasn't so bad as OrangeTheory and my change in health over the past couple of months prepared me for the up and overs.
I WISH I had downloaded at least one of my pics from the 1st race on Jan 1.  But I didn't because they definitely showed the weight and fat gain.  I might try and go back to find them because the difference even astonished me.  Its weird that while I knew I had gained a lot and was generally out of shape due to excessive running and in the steady state cardio zone and not eating enough (yes NOT EATING ENOUGH)...the proof is in the pudding so they say...UPDATED...I went and found the Jan 1st race photo...see below for side by side comparison.
I promise to go back and write the 6 or 7 drafts I have saved; my reminders of the topic are at least there.  Its a start.

Left = January 1, 2016
Started OTF on January 4
Bod pod and started macros on January 20
Right = March 19, 2016

I've actually only lost a pound or two, but obviously losing fat over muscle is a BIG deal...I am excited to see my official results for %'s etc which is on April 13th.

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