Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Katy YMCA 2015 Turkey Dash (10K)

Definitely NOT the race I had hoped for that's for sure.  With it being 73 and 100% humidity (feels like of 81) and a strong wind to boot for about 1/2 the race I was just DONE. 
Once I knew what the weather was going to be like, I more or less loosened up my goal a bit, which was a 1:06 (10:39 pace).  I did do it faster than last year, in better weather, but in much less running shape than I am now.

I majorly struggled with even this result, but I didn't leave anything out there.  It was just excruciatingly miserable, miserable weather. 
I could feel how red my face was basically once I hit mile 3.  My first mile was OK, at 10:30 but looking back I should have done an 11, but I still had high hopes and figured I see what happened after the first mile.

Not the brightest idea considering I knew I was going to be overheating sooner rather than later.

Had I taken a more cautious approach in the first couple of miles, I might have been able to shave off some time.
I do like this race for many reasons: Its local, its easy in and easy out, great booths of vendors, great medals, and its one big loop.  The biggest bonus is that its roughly less than HALF of the nightmare of the Uptown Turkey Trot which is about 15,000 people.  I think Katy says about 7,000, but I would say more like 5 based on the results the past 2 years.
They also have corrals (new this year) which I royally screwed up on when I signed up because I didn't notice it and just it Submit.  This mistake put me in Corral A.  Oops.  Well I figured out afterwards what I had done once I picked up my bib etc., so I lined up at the front of the C corral like a good girl. 

My next race if New Years Day and is another 10K.  If the weather if optimal, I will be shooting for either that 1:06 or possibly even a 1:05:30. 
December is a high(er) mileage month for me going in to the taper early January for Houston, so we'll see how my legs feel that last week of the month.  I have a long run the very next day so I will have to either sacrifice the race time or the ease of a long run on somewhat tired but not in pain legs.
We shall see.
I've been ramping my monthly mileage up the past few months and December will be the highest.  75 in October, 80 in November and it will be 100 for this month.  BTW I am using not only GarminConnect (since I got my new watch) but also Training Peaks.  They have a great interface and I am able to disable the data.  This alone makes me a bit more competitive (with myself) and its paying off.  Plus I love that my new watch is Bluetooth and auto downloads the data into my phone and even the website with no effort. 
OK that's it for now...Not sure anyone is even reading but again keeping track of information again is mainly for me these days.

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