Friday, October 16, 2015

Mic Check...Mic Check...Is This Thing Still On??? Are You Over 50, a Woman and No One to Listen to You About Struggles?

I know its been a long time since I have written and truly I haven't missed it.
But fitting the description in my title, and attempting to find real answers from real women, well, its been kind of impossible.
Surely there has to be women out there just like me?  Struggling with the over 50 things...?  Or the late 40's women out there..You might have questions or yikes even be experiencing pre-menopause signs.  Believe me mine started earlier in my 40's especially due to combined thyroid issues.  Oh the joy!
So I thought well no one is probably truly going to be reading this from my yonder days of blogging about running this and running that, but maybe, just maybe I can either help someone by giving them some advice even if its not asked directly but rather through a Google search.
I am also thinking that if I can provide some real content here, I might be able to grow this thing again, just in a different direction.  Initially I think my plan is just to write, mostly with abandon which means no real direction so to speak.  That might organically happen at some point.  I will try to come up with titles that would perhaps be something a woman might Google (i.e. things I type when Googling)
So if my title led you here via search engine...welcome!
I am going to leave all the existing content for historical value if even just for myself.  I am still extremely active, so I will of course still talk about that.  I feel it is extremely important to maintaining sanity during a very trying time even if sometimes it feels like the laaaaaaaaaaaast thing you want to do.

I feel like I should wipe out some of the labels, but then what if someone coming here decides that a certain label/topic interests them?  If I delete them, some content important to some might never be found..

Also it seems like I started several blog posts way back when with ideas on some topics so that helps!  Yay for thinking ahead even if it was a year ago.

If any other bloggers are reading here, any insight on how to grow the blog at a semi-aggressive rate would be welcomed!


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K said...

Hi June,

My life has taken a dramatic turn over the last year and turning 50 in August. There is just so much that is NOT out there about what we face as we age. The struggles are very significant and I would love to discuss with others who have faced similar issues.