Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Houston (Marathon) Weekend 2014 - Recap

As I am 32,000 feet in the air right now, I figured I would type out a few things:

First off I have to say how incredibly sad I am right now.  The past few trips I cry a lot both while in Houston and for a while after I leave.  This time was worse when leaving.  It was like ugly face crying.  I'd cry right now typing this ... But I am on the plane and well ... There's that :)

Going back to Nebraska is just blah.  I will never say going home because it's NOT home.

Texas is home.

But as sad as I am right now, it was a FABULOUS weekend. Even more so than the past. Not that I don't love my family but I've missed my friends terribly and I haven't been able to see them on my quick holiday trips.

I'm so looking forward to an even longer trip home early March so I can see even more folks, run another Houston race, run w Kenyan again..see my new great nephew who will have arrived by then..so much to look forward to...so it is that which makes my current sad a bit better!  Six weeks is nothing!!!

So on this trip it was all about running and friends, yes I saw part of the fam but only briefly; once to go see my nieces new house (HOLY MOLY!!!). SO beautiful. And BIG!!!

And then briefly on Sunday just around mile 10 :)

But I got to spend most of my time w Nicole, and of course friends I met up w at the expo, the 5K and at the race on Sunday (since the full and half folks were in same corrals, I was able to mix w both instead of just those doing the half same as me).  It was nice running in to so many people that I just didnt have the time to meet up with as it was yet again another whirlwind of a trip.

Oh...and we are about to land...so for now, just know that I ran the 5K as slow as I possibly could (but faster than I wanted) and I ran the half with fun in my heart just knowing I was running again in my hometown that I love and miss so much!
More in a race(s) recap and an overall post about just how SPECTACULAR the new course is!!!!! 


Tara @ texasrunnergirl.com said...

Were you wearing purple plaid shorts? I'm pretty sure we ran next to each other for a short time on Kirby. And yes, the new course is awesome!

Junie B said...

Tara I WAS wearing purple plaid Lulu shorts! You should have said something! Kirby was the only place I was like ummmm..we are squished :O) Just seemed a bit congested there