Sunday, February 24, 2013

Make It 11

Friday afternoon when I got off work, I headed to the grocer to get my shopping done since Saturday I wanted to only concentrate on getting my run done and a few errands in advance of the storm headed our way.

As I drove through town, I was amazed that the roads were so clear from the mid-week storm.  They actually plowed almost all the streets, whereas they normally don't.  So basically what I am trying to say is that when I drove around my 2 mile loop, all things looked clear for a Saturday morning run outside after all.

That is until I got up Saturday morning and saw that the temperature was 5degrees.

Um, nope.  :O)

So I headed to the gym unfortunately.  And man am I glad I got there shortly after it opened because before long every treadmill and elliptical was taken.  And normally I am the only one that stays on one for hours, but this morning, I wasn't alone.  Thankfully the sign only says that treadmill use is limited during peak hours meaning Mon-Fri 5pm-7pm.

Originally I had put 10 miles on my calendar for this particular Saturday, but I decided to just make it 11.  I wasn't going to do 11 until next weekend, but now, there will be 2 weekends with 11 instead.

I started the run with just listening to music and switched about 45min in to something on NetFlix (Super 8, then tried My Run), but neither one held my attention and I just felt irritated, so I switched back to my music and just zoned out.  I took one PB Gu and drank a ton of water.

Done and done.

Thought I might run again today if the storm didn't materialize, or maybe was late (it was supposed to start snowing early morning), but then I woke up to this:

Taken about 6:30am from in front of my house looking towards the golf course and the bluffs.
As its now 3 hours later, I guess maybe another inch or two has fallen.  At least the winds are light and the snow falls so pretty, sticking to the tree branches and shrubs.  Supposed to get up to 6 inches today, but I am snug as a bug inside, plenty of food prepped (was craving pork chops so I bought some, cooked them last night and plenty of leftover!)
I wonder if they will plow as well as last time so that I can run outside without worrying about slipping and falling.  I really should buy a pair of YakTrak, but I just keep putting it off!   Maybe someone at their outfit will see fit to send me a pair to test drive and review!!!
What say you YakTrax?

Hoping for a chance to do my Saturday long run outside next week!  No snow and a bit warmer temps are forecasted so I feel optimistic!!!!
Oh and its Oscar day/night!  With 5 hours of pre-red carpet/red carpet coverage and then the actual show, its a good day indeed to be snowed in!!!

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