Saturday, February 21, 2009

Park to Park 5 Mile

5.08 miles
Course long by everyones Garmin (new route but only at the beginning) Mile markers were only slightly off though compared to last years...

average pace: 9:22
Mile 1: 9:15
Mile 2: 9:33
Mile 3: 9:29
Mile 4: 9:21
Mile 5: 9:14

This was by my Garmin at 5 miles a 46:5+ which equates to a 3 minute PR off last year. Last years average pace was 10:02, so yay me! I ran a 50:+ last year.

Chip time with the overage was 47:3+ which I will take in a heartbeat. Was warm and WINDY...headwind till the last mile where we turned off just before the start of mile 5. Was underhydrated (didnt drink hardly any water yesterday for whatever reason)...but still felt OK today. Started picking people off in mile 3 which is customary for me at this distance. Maybe 400 people out for this run which always surprises me at the lack of people out for this one as its a great course and a great after party!! Budweiser Select was yuuuuummy...

Ran the longest distance in my Adidas Boston racers and was very happy with them...

Only thing is I left something out on the course and for that I am kinda beating myself up...will NOT leave anything out there at the Bayou Classic 10K though so Dixie BE READY!!! :o)


Pony and Petey said...

That is a fabulous time!! It's so much fun to watch the improvement of my running-buddies over time. You've done GREAT = )

I'll be looking for ya at Bayou City...hopefully, not passing me up either!

Margo said...

Awesome race time!! Congrats!