Saturday, April 12, 2008

Flying Owls 5K

I went into this morning just hoping for a decent time, not thinking a PR was in the cards today due to the course. As I mentioned previously it had 20 turns in it, and not only that but once I got there to get my number I found out the first mile was being run on the runner/walker path there around Rice, where we had to manuever the casual Saturday runners/walkers. And the path is only about 4.5 feet wide I would guess.

I was not happy. As a matter of fact, I almost bailed at that point. But I didnt, and boy am I glad I didnt.

At mile 2.5 I knew I had another PR in my sights. I just didnt know how much of a one I had.

Thats a :58 PR over last weeks chip time of 28:52 (and a SUB 28!!!). The course was a bit long, so the 'recorded' time for the course/race was 28:32 which is still a 20 second PR over last week at Bellaire Trolley 5K!!

The best part was as I was coming up on the final turn, there was Sam...waiting. I had no idea he had come over after the KW long run this morning, so I was excited to know he was there for this today. It was an awesome feeling.

There were no frills with this race, not even water anywhere on the course, so you just had to dig in and hope you had had enough hydration prior. They did have some awesome food and drink (including beer; which I didnt partake in because I knew I was running an additional 3 miles after). They only gave awards 1 deep in AG, and I thought I might have a shot, but I didnt. The girl who won our AG wasnt even there. I still dont know how I did in AG, but will once they send out the official sheet with times.

Splits were:

All freakin' sub 9's dawg!!!!

So I did my 3 miles after, averaging about 10 min miles even, so I again was surprised I still had gas in my tank.

Now its shower time, and I am off to see Mom, and spend the night with her. By the way, she got out of the hospital a week ago, and seems to be a-ok. Took 4 weeks to rid her completely of the staph.

Brooke ride those 100 miles today girl!! I will be thinking of you all day!! I had a blast last night!!


Steve Bezner said...

(and I'm first to comment!)

Steve Bezner said...

Dang girl. I may have to get my butt over to those Kenyan Workouts!

Mucho Congrats!

Gaslight ;-) said...

You did great, and I am very proud of you! You've come a long way since that first Jingle Bell Run, right?

Lisa said...

What a GOOD streak you are having!

Cass said...

Good job this weekend!

Sarah said...

Methinks you've been sandbagging until now. ;) Congratulations on yet another PR!!

Sam said...

Awesome job. Glad I was able to see the finish stretch to the run. That was awesome to be a part of.

You're definitely rockin' the casbah! :P

Diane Mandy said...

So glad to hear your mother is doing better!

Priscilla said...

You are awesome June! I can feel the "B" word in your future. I was at Yuri's Saturday. You should come out next year it is half cross country and half path. This brought back memories of Kenyan Way. I actually enjoyed the hill!

TX Runner Mom said...

Great job June! All that hard work has definitely been paying off! Also, glad to read that your Mom is better. Those staph infections are scary!

Margo said...

AWESOME!! I'm going to be lucky to catch a glimpse of you speeding by at the Astros 5K. :-)

Glad to hear your mom is doing well.

Leslie F. said...

I'm still so totally psyched for you with this run! And what an awesome bonus to have Sam there at the finish, cheering you on.

And that's great news about your mom! I was going to ask you about that when I saw you next.