Saturday, January 26, 2008

First 5K of the Year - Texas Med Center 5K

Well the last time I ran a 5K was back September I guess, the Lunar...Then came marathon training, then the injury...focus obviously was not on speed for the shorter distances.

I didn't expect anything spectacular today, I just really entered the race to see where I that I knew what I had to work on. The only reason I was nervous was because I had completely forgotten how to 'race' a 5K. All I knew is that I would shoot for 9:40 averages, and pray that I didn't completely suck today. Yeah the 9:40 didn't happen, but I came closer than I thought. My Garmin for whatever reason completely didnt register the run, but yet it was counting splits because I happened to see one of them, and the distance read at 3.16, so I know it was working.

I remember looking down at my watch at one point and it read the distance at 1.01 and the time was at 9:24. As usual...too fast for me to go out at. I never saw the mile 2 split, but I did happen to see the 3rd and it read 10:13.

I had some problems in mile 2... but it was during that mile that Sam jumped in with me, but I had to send him on his way after a bit because he makes me nervous :) and I was struggling and I figured I needed the time to focus on trying to get my groove back... So we agreed he'd pick me back up in what would be the last 400m or so...

Once I made the last turn on my way back I started to pick it up a bit, trying to forget about the fact that for whatever reason I was having some pain in the ankles. Sure enough right as the watch clicked over to 2.75, there he was. And I had one last turn to go.

If I have anything remotely resembling 'afterburners' I put them on and cruised on in, over the mat, and I was done.

Looking back on it now, and as I told him, don't listen to me next time. Just keep running and I will keep running along side of you as best I can.

Given the fact that its been so long since a 5K, no speed work to speak of, I am very happy with the 30:47 time today, averaging 9:52 miles. The last time I did this race, back in January 2006, I ran something closer to 36 minutes. Sure it would have been nice to get the 9:40, and even a PR, but like I said, it was not my goal today.

I accomplished what I set out to do... 1) finish with a decent time 2) to not suck and 3) figure out where I am and what I need to do for the Spring races. At the very least I can count today as some good speed work.

I didn't think I was going to do another 5K until March 1st, but there is one on February 9th, and I am leaning towards doing it. Like Sam said, to him it makes more sense to keep racing to get better at racing.

Makes sense to me too.


Diane Mandy said...

Sounds like you did great! Congrats!

Leslie T Travis said...

At least it stopped raining for today and it was a little warmer.
That must have been a relief too.

Junie B said...

Leslie: Yes it did stop raining, although the streets were extremely wet and slick especially during one section. I was afraid a few times I was going to slip and fall. Although not warmer. It was about 40 out there. Good stuff on the temps though.

Viv said...

Fantastic job, June. yep, those streets were a little slick for me as well.
Congrats on a sweet time!

L*I*S*A said...

Great job on the 5K. Way to kick in the afterburners.

Sam said...

I was glad I could be out there for your run. You ran strong, and I was glad I was able to help you out some.

You're well on your way to on heckuva Spring and Summer.

Jess said...

Congrats on a great race!