Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lunar (Rendevous 5K) LoooooSer!

You know when we first got there (around 6:15 or so) it wasn't so oppressive (the conditions) and I had semi-high hopes. But as each minute ticked by and I was starting to sweat (without moving an inch) I knew it was not going to be a banner day for me. And I was fine with it.

I held my own of course in mile 1, and even mile 2 I was fine with, but at about the 1.5 mile mark I felt something in BOTH shins...something I have very little experience with. I have had issues with my left shin before but not to this degree and certainly not both of them...I already knew that when I got to mile 2 and the water I was going to take about 20 sec...which is what I did and probably not the best idea I have ever had.

I started running (jogging actually) and it felt somewhat better but I knew at that point being close to my PR or even a sub 31 wasn't going to happen today. Maybe thats where I messed up more than anything. Mentally I checked out.

I walked again at some point for like 30 sec, then once more for 20 sec. Bad ideas again, but you know as I said I had checked out.

The one thing that I am happy about was my last 1/2 mile. I figured you know I am dead tired, out of gas really, and my shins are burning, I feel like I need to hurl but if need be just hurl when I am finished.

If I hadnt found what I did somewhere, still not sure where, the time would have been worse and I sure couldn't have found the energy to pull an 8:03 pace in the last .1

Here are the splits, as ugly as they are....

Mile 1: 9:39
Mile 2: 10:36
Mile 3: 11:19 (walked a total of about 1:30 in this mile)
Last .1: 1:04 (8:03 pace!)

We figure the feels like was about 87, although I think it was more and thats just tough stuff right there. No need to even mention the humidity. It is what it is. Blah.

At least there was absolutely NO SUN WHATSEVER, and thank God too...

As I told one friend "i'm not upset whatsoever. i finished and i finished as strong as i possibly could have." Knowing that is all the satisfaction I need.

I figure I might stop sweating by about Thursday. :o) And I figure I will still attempt 7 miles tomorrow, although its a game day decision. Its a night out with a few of the friends tonight, although the rain now might put a damper on that considering we were going to an outdoor concert...

I am done 'racing' until Labor Day Weekend where I know I will at least PR the course in the Fired Up 5K (Sugarland). Whether or not I PR for the distance that's another story altogether...

Congratulations to ALL THE STRIDERS who kicked some ass in placing all over the damn field of runners!

ps: I didn't hurl at all but I certainly almost fell over twice while they were cutting my chip off my damn shoe.


Anonymous said...

Races in July in Houston do not count. Period.

You will PR at Fired Up 5k. Period.


Rich said...

That's funny! I wonder how many of those chip cutters have been hurled on!

ali said...

It was a tough day, but you did it and you didn't hurl.

Congrats on a great non-loooooser race!