Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bayou Bash Relay

Well, well, well...

I did it. I finally logged my first 'official' sub 9: mile. Today.

8:58 for my first mile in my leg (which I ran the second leg).

How happy am I?

It of course was not to be that way in the 2nd mile, but I am ok with that. I still managed a 9:34ish pace for my leg (based on 2 miles not 2.1). Not too shabby. I am happy with that. Yeah I wish it was a 9:29 (or better) :o) but whatever.

The course was long, by my watch almost a full .1 and according to everyone around me they showed a full .1 So even better. I will take the 19:22 for 2.1

We had a good team and I thought we'd place better than we did. Tracy brought it in for the last leg at about 8:30 avg pace. Our time on the clock was 1:15 and some change, but the results showed 1:17+ (first place in our division clocked in at 55:+) and without a chip mat, well you have to go with what the person at the end marks down, even though she was on the other side of the road from the clock and behind it as well.

Striders represented with 24 teams out there today; maybe even 25 as I heard someone say that at one point, so YAY STRIDERS!!!

All in all I felt good, and still feel that way. I have no clue what to expect tomorrow with the 5K on tap. I know I wont be shooting for another sub 9: in that first mile :o) ... That shit about killed me. I dont need 3 days of speed work in one week I dont think!!

Now I must rest before hitting the Astros game tonight! I cant wait for the best part of that which is a HOT DOG and a BEER! Never mind the fact that I had an ice cream cone and a piece of pizza for breakfast. I just love after race parties!


Sarah said...

Awesome!! Gotta love a sub-9 mile even if it wears you out -- it was worth it. :)

I'm going to the Astros tonight too, maybe I'll see you there!

Anonymous said...

July, great running, and outstanding job as team captain as well ;-)

Don't forget 7:00am gun for Friends for Scleroderma in the morning :-O


Humble Runner said...

Way to go June! You haveve become quite the little speedster!

Love your energy!

Vic said...

You're seriously putting a lot of us to shame with you incredible improvement. I know you're working hard and it shows. Good running and great to see you this morning.

Pony and Petey said...

It's so much fun to watch your improvement! I'm rootin' for ya all the way = )

TX Runner Mom said...

Wow, way to go on the super speed! See, that hard work is paying off! Good luck tomorrow!

Steve Bezner said...

Dang, sub 9:00! No more pacing duties in costume for me!

It's the year of the June Bug!