Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Flash Your BIBS!!!

Seems someone at the marathon does have a weird sense of humor. Here, check this out...

After getting my medal, hugging Erica, catching my breath, getting my Finishers shirt and stein (what? not a martini glass?) :o), we were standing around looking for others from our group.

I hear this woman say "Is your name REALLY June?" I turned to see who it was, and I laughed and said "Yes."

You see that morning I had Erica take a sharpie and block letter my name down both of my upper arms to help with the spectators yelling the right name and not JULY as someone had oh so casually printed on my helped some. And then it just confused others on the course who would yell "July" and then "oh its June..."

Anyway, after I said yes to the woman, and she slowly pulled back her medal that was covering her bib and lo and behold her bib said JULY too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, I was floored! I said to her "is your name supposed to be June?" and of course she replied "yes" and then I pulled my medal away and we both busted out laughing. April got a picture of us together with our JULY bibs and all, but I dont have it yet.

And yes while to some it may be funny, when it comes right down to it, now its plainly obvious that someone doing those bibs did this ON PURPOSE. I could have possibly believed (although I never did) that a mistake was made once, but twice?

I think not.

I fully intend to send that email that I told that race volunteer about that first day, because I think I should get free entry next year....or something. An apology maybe? I dont know maybe I am making too big a deal out of this, but dammit it was my first marathon and I wanted at least my name to be right on my bib! They got it right everywhere else.

Anyway, June Harris kicked my ass and shes 50. So there ya go. See ya next year June Harris!!!

Recovery Update: Tuesday of course was much better than Monday. Today (Wed) when I got out of bed there was not an ache or pain to be found. Nothing. Woohoo!!

So I went for a light and easy 3 miler on the treadmill. My legs felt like lead at first, so I just walked for about 4 minutes before I started running. From there I took it super easy as I said. Feels good!


L*I*S*A said...

I can't believe you met another 'July' great is that? Can't wait to see the photo!

Jess said...

So, let me get this straight...April took a picture of two Junes who had been mislabeled as Julys? All you needed was a May in there and you had all of spring and most of summer covered!

Pony and Petey said...

Back to running...ALREADY??? What a great athlete you are! Wonderful that rate, you could do a marathon every weekend = ))))


Barbara said...


I practically said a word I try not to say when I read that. You did the registration online I'm guessing - common sense says the info was fed from a computer into the software to print those - it wasn't a human inputting 20,000 names into a system.

I guess there's a sub-1% chance that their software has a glitch in it that turns the word "June" into "July" but I'm betting there was human intervention that made that happen.

That was pretty funny that someone named April took your picture though!

Anonymous said...

You are a marathoner now. You must act and train like one. We don't practice swimming in the bathtub and we don't run on treadmills(unless you are Steve Bezner and he is the exception.) I would be proud to run with you at Memorial Park whenever you want.
Recovery runs on the treadmill are still acceptable.

Steve Bezner said...

I wonder if there was anybody named "May" who became a "June"? :)

Keeps us up to date your correspondence with the marathon. I think they should give you something.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm confused. Is April's real name "March"?

I think there should be a special category when the 3 Steve's comment on a blog entry in a row.


jamoosh said...

April - I'll buy it
May - That too
June - Of course

I have even met a March and an October (females) and my great-grandfather was an August.

But never have I met a July - not even a "Julie" who felt five letters was too many.

Pony and Petey said...

Wait a I'M confused! Who is SteveS?? I thought SteveS and Steeeve were the same person!! I know SteveB...and I know Steeeve...but...

ugh...another treadmill run for me too unless I suck it up and brave the wet and cold...guess I'll decide after my nap = ))


Junie B said... is the best way I can break it down.

SteveB - well he is SteveB

Steeeve - Coach Steeeve

SteveS - hottie Steve :) (you know who it IS!!)

Anonymous said...

SteveS has a brother named DougS and a siter-in-law named CissyS and they are all proud Houston Striders. C'mon my little pony, you can fiqure it out.

Vic said...

I had a friend in high school whose name was April May. What's all the confusion about, July?

Sarah said...

I can't believe someone changed it to July on purpose! Funny, and yet NOT AT ALL funny!

Pony and Petey said... mean SILLY Steve!! He's actually SSteve = ))) hahahahahahahaa I always want to talk to SSteve cause I know he's going to make me laugh somehow! I'm laughing just thinking about him!! HA!

L'il Pony
(not to be confused with My Little Pony)